All About Millsie



My background is in Design and Horticulture, running successful businesses making jewelry and gardening in The U.K.  I am also a qualified Adult Learning Tutor, Wife and Mum (Mom in USA) of two


Love of The Outdoors

I have spent most of my life enjoying activities outdoors.  I grew up on Ashdown Forest, England, and explored it on foot and by pony.  This led into Endurance horse riding in my late teens.  My adventurous nature flourished when I met my husband to be and kindred spirit at High School.  We were soon spending weekends and vacations hiking, mountain biking and climbing our way around The British Isles.  With a year sabbatical came a Big Adventure around The Western States of America, rock and ice climbing, hiking, biking, paddling, open water swimming and snowboarding as we went.  Since then outdoor pursuits and camping have become our way of life, and now with two kids in tow!


Horticulture and Health

One of my earliest memories is of going along inside the rows of my Grandfather's runner beans and eating them as I went.  I can taste them now, pure fresh greenness!  Gardening and especially cultivating fruit and vegetables has been in my soul ever since.  Alongside this goes a love of good, nutritious food and experimenting with cooking to achieve healthy and tasty meals.