Adventures in living a more simple, grounded and energised life.

mission Millsie mama

Get Out

I adore being outdoors.  Whether I'm walking my dog in the woods, biking the trails, canoeing the rivers, camping with my family or just gardening at home,  I find that outdoor exercising gives me many benefits above just going to the gym.  These include boosting the immune system, giving a burst of Vitamin D, burning more calories, meeting like minded people, being more motivated and saving money.  What's not to like!  

Eat Clean

It makes sense to me that what we put into our bodies affects us on every level.  Eating fresh wholefoods and cutting out processed foods,  giving nourishment  to ourselves like this makes us more grounded and of course healthier. Join me on a journey of locally sourced produce, growing my own,  trying out new recipes and in my new role as a Simple Wellness Coach.

Live Happy

Be true to yourself and your inner voice.  Don't follow the crowd, be yourself, do what you love, what makes you laugh and sing.  Live in the moment, be mindful of the now and respect your environment.  



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